About MEB Management Services

MEB Management Services provides management expertise for all types and qualities of multi-family assets including Luxury, New Development, Student Living, Repositioning, Lease-Up, Value-Add, Tax Credit and Affordable Housing. As an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) by the Institute of Real Estate Management, MEB is the best at increasing the monetary value of assets while decreasing expenses.

Over the last 22 years, MEB has grown from a small firm to one of the Southwest’s largest property management firms.  They’ve seen incredible swings in the market and worked with all types of clients.  What hasn’t changed is the importance of providing the best in service – both to clients and residents.  This is what MEB does best.

For its clients, MEB understands that everything depends on the fulfillment of MEB's commitment to them. Not only is the success of the clients' investment in the company's hands, but all of that client’s investors are similarly relying on MEB. MEB Management Services takes very seriously the role it plays in actualizing the vision each client has for their asset.

MEB recognizes the company provides residents the most important product they buy – their home. MEB values the opportunity to deliver over the top customer experiences and the best possible product for the price. In establishing resident experiences, it is the philosophy of MEB to also create a community where residents feel appreciated and have opportunities to join company teams in being great neighborhood partners.


There is an incredible synergy that occurs when MEB's service to these groups is unwavering. The company's dedication to creating value for clients and residents' fuels assets to operate at higher levels than the competition. The results are clear; clients see more value created for their assets, residents feel appreciated and remain at their communities longer, and MEB team members receive recognition and reward for outstanding performance.