Our Story

MEB Management Services understands the industry from all perspectives. Principals Melanie Morrison, Libby Ekre, Jodi Sheahan and Mark Schilling started their careers on site and built the company from the ground up, continuously remembering their roots in the industry. MEB’s core purpose is to enrich the lives of their clients, residents and team members by creating value. Each team member understands and focuses on the mission and it reflects throughout their portfolio.

Melanie said it best, “We are more focused on team success and serving our clients than we are on gaining as much as we can for ourselves. I think our teams operate that way, our corporate offices operate that way. It’s an approach that resonates with our team members and makes them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

The company holds their fiduciary responsibility to clients at the forefront of operations every day. Tailored to each client is a unique management plan to best fit the asset and the client’s objectives.