Our Story

MEB’S ability to create value for both clients and residents has been the cornerstone of our success. Scott, Libby, Mark, and Jodi have been active in the real estate management industry and have over 120 years of combined experience. With their breadth and depth of knowledge, MEB is the “go-to” company for a diverse group of investors, providing management services to over 25,000 rental households and over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial property.

MEB’s core purpose is to enrich the lives of their clients, residents and team members by creating value. Each team member understands and focuses on the mission and it reflects throughout their portfolio. We are more focused on team success and serving our clients than we are on gaining as much as we can for ourselves. Our teams operate that way, our corporate offices operate that way. It’s an approach that resonates with our team members and makes them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

MEB is based in Arizona with offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and provides management services throughout the Southwest and Midwest. We are over 600 team members strong and provide management, consulting, receivership and rehab services for all types and asset classes of rental housing including:

  • Luxury Apartment and Rental Home Communities
  • Work Force Apartments and Rental Homes
  • Student-Oriented Communities
  • Affordable, LIHTC, and HUD Communities
  • Active Senior Housing
  • Value-Add Opportunities
We are privileged to provide service to a large and diverse group of clients that include individual and institutional investors, lenders, and special servicers.

Every MEB team member is focused on creating value for our clients, residents, and fellow team members. It is our core purpose as a company and is embraced at every level of our organization. Thank you,