the meb approach

Value creation through operational excellence

MEB is one of the Southwest’s largest providers of multi-family fee management services. With a dedicated focus on our clients’ investment objectives, MEB creates maximum value for client assets.

"At MEB, each team member, from housekeeper to Asset Director, understands that a $100 per month savings in operating expense results in a $17,000 increase in value of the property."

A Unique Value Creation System

MEB’s Asset Takeover Protocol and unique Value Creation Dashboard™ leverage every opportunity to increase income and decrease operational expenses. The focus on important metrics allows for quick recognition of challenges and drives results that meet our clients’ pro forma expectations.

Technology & Expertise Dedicated To Staying Ahead Of The Curve

MEB maximizes technology investments to increase the velocity of value creation for its clients. MEB’s nationally recognized technology team includes experts in revenue management, website design, SEO/SEM, and reputation management.

People Make The Difference

MEB attracts the best talent in the industry with a corporate culture and working environment that enhances value creation. MEB’s stated purpose resonates with MEB professionals. MEB team members take very seriously their responsibility to steward multi-million dollar assets. And, they never lose sight of the fact that they provide a very special product to customers – their home.